Giving Thanks to God for What He did through the Pilgrims

Today, we are going to talk about the pilgrims and the Mayflower. The Pilgrims were trying to get to the New World to start a new life in America. This story takes place in the 1600’s.
When the pilgrims got on the Mayflower and the boat called Speedwell, they were ready to go to the New World in July of 1620. However, when they started their trip on the Speedwell, they had to turn back twice because the boat was very leaky. Finally, they started their trip again on a ship called the Mayflower containing over 100 pilgrims (including women and children).
This was rather rare for someone to attempt to do this because of pirates, bad storms, seasickness, and other things. However, nothing could stop the pilgrims from wanting to start a new life in the New World. During the 66 day trip on the Mayflower, they prayed, praised, worshipped, and trusted God to get them to their destination safely.
After 66 days of being on the Mayflower, they finally arrived at Cape Cod in November of 1620. Because of the time of the year they arrived, almost half of the over 100 Pilgrims who came died because of the very harsh winter after they arrived. They did not have enough time to start building houses because it was so cold.
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The Pilgrims went to Plymouth Rock after a very tragic winter. When they arrived at Plymouth Rock, some Native Americans (they are called Native Americans because they were the first ones to come to America) befriended the pilgrims and taught them how to survive. A certain Indian named Squanto helped them a lot by showing them how to plant, garden, and sow seeds to reap a good harvest. The Indians were very good friends to the Pilgrims.
Thanksgiving was a holiday for the pilgrims, a holiday where they gave Thanks to God for helping them get to the position that they were in.
Have you ever paid close attention to the word, “Thanks-giving?” When they celebrated the first Thanksgiving, they gave thanks to God for being good to them by helping them through the Indians and namely, Squanto.
The impact the Pilgrims had upon America and ultimately the world has been incredible! So, this week, as you enjoy family, freedom and food, remember just why we celebrate. Remember the story of God’s provision and Providence on behalf of the Pilgrims, and give thanks to Him for His many blessings and mercies toward us because of their endeavors.